Putting Your SDG Plan Into Action

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 agenda for sustainable development are a critical element in addressing climate change as well as many other critical deprivations such as poverty, hunger, health and equality.

The RJC Global Impact team is committed to the betterment of the world. We have a team of experts who can support you and your team in identifying not only the areas where your company can contribute to the SDGs, but also support you in building a roadmap with a vision and executable goals and targets.

The resource industry has a tremendous opportunity to do their part in supporting the 2030 agenda. In fact, most of the 17 SDG goals can be impacted by the resource industry. Climate action is an obvious goal which can be addressed and is currently gaining a lot of traction through decarbonization planning and roadmaps. However, many other goals addressing poverty, hunger, clean water and sanitation, partnerships, quality education, good health and well being, sustainable cities and communities, gender equality, reduced inequalities and life on land are only some of the additional goals which can be significantly impacted by the industry.

Our team can support you in developing strategies, roadmaps, and executable plans around the SDG goals to deliver sustainable results which will really make a significant contribution in addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges. We will also support you in building structures and systems around the new processes and / or programs to ensure that whatever is implemented is sustainable for years to come such that our future generations continue to benefit.

Exceed the expectations through socially responsible leadership

The CSR and business innovation team at RJC Global Impact believe social responsibility is the core to both the overall strategy and day-to-day operations for the resource industry. Our highly trained team of consultants personally invest themselves into every project and lead through a first principles approach partnered with a leadership style that focuses on complex problem solving, critical thinking and emotional and ethical intelligence.

It is essential to ask yourself: “How will our organization be recognized for the outstanding commitment to social and environmental responsibility?” In today’s world, operating in a transparent and socially responsible manner demonstrates a commitment that is absolutely fundamental to the way the stakeholders will see you do business, and RJC Global Impact has made it our business to have you be at the forefront of solution-driven outcomes for the future generation of mining and your impact on profits, planet and the people.


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