Charelle Harkins


Bravo for finding this company, I too am grateful to have been found by them.  I was hand selected by the RJC team as they know what they want to achieve and who they want to support them in doing so, not only in their vision, but yours as well.

As an Environmental Professional my passion and values for what I do extend from my career through to my day to day actions.  I choose to work with teams that support these values, it is every bit as important for me to honour this, as is how I select and source my coffee beans.

Our world’s resources are finite, yet necessary for advancement.  I’m a believer in finding the balance not advocating the right or wrong.  At the age of 15,  I told my grandmother that I wanted to be an environmentalist, she responded with “so you want to be a hippie?” I then proceeded to educate her on why I had made this my choice.  Even at that early age (and a few decades ago mind you), I knew that I wanted to set out and aid in shifting the paradigm from the tree hugger mentality, all or nothing, to broadening mindsets towards sustainability.  There had to be a better way.  Through ongoing commitments, the right support, consultation, feedback, values and resources, not only can we protect the environment, but also meet the demands and expectations of stakeholders, with the likelihood of exceeding them.

I challenge the blank stares I get when I use the terms environmental management, sustainability and resource industry in the same sentence when people ask me what I do each day.  Change is inevitable and leading it is exciting.  As a new company it is a privilege to be part of something that can be life changing, not just for a handful of people directly, but potentially thousands, even millions.


Charelle is an environmental scientist that is deeply dedicated to making a difference and a positive impact on our planet.  She is a determined and an outstanding professional, with operation and green-fields project experience. She has worked on four continents specializing in capacity building, data management and verification, environmental & safety.  Charelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management accompanied by formal Lead Internal Auditor and Trainer & Assessor qualifications. She is an expert in Environmental Management Systems, delivering standardization of practices, field-based quality control and compliance, incorporating risk analysis and sustainability reporting.   Her professional objective is to support business practices that are sustainable, responsible and ethical demonstrated through their environmental, social and governance investments.