Effectively Lead Your Team and Workforce Through COVID-19

No one could have predicted the impacts of COVID-19 on the global economy.   Similar to preparing for any catastrophic natural disaster, now is the critical time to look at all current emergency procedures,  health and safety protocols, operating systems, as well as critical and complex problem solving initiatives to evaluate their effectiveness. Are they at the level required to initiate the necessary actions which will minimize the impact while empowering the leadership and workforce to have the trust needed to work confidently and effectively?

RJC Global Impact understands that the resource industry is critical for the functionality of the world. With so many moving parts, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the next action to take.  Our team of operational and crisis management experts are here to be your partners through this challenging time and support you through it all.  We believe that together we can drive the leadership and provide immediate solutions ensuring your organization and the world receives what it needs.


Our essential workers need essential processes and structures to protect and empower their personal safety.


Essential workers are critical to preserving health, safety, security, economic well-being, and the basic functioning of society. The resource industry is an essential industry as it provides the raw materials for most supply chains including the critical medical supplies required through the COVID-19 pandemic. RJC Global Impact and our team of operational emergency and crisis management experts are committed to doing our part in working as your partner through this global pandemic.  We understand that your organization could not have anticipated this situation, and what matters now is that you take all the necessary actions to move beyond the current operational setbacks and challenges. The world is counting on you and we want you to know you can count on us. Our intention is to address your organization’s high risk matters with integrity and provide what is missing. We can support you with everything from setting up remote accountability structures for an effective work-from-home workforce, provide frameworks to provide emotional support for all your front-line teams to hands on facilitation for both remote or emergency on-site critical operational needs.   

  • Revised Management Operating Systems

  • Accountability Structures

  • Complex Problem Solving

  • Leading Through COVID-19

  • Remote Workforce Set-Up

  • Crisis Management Webinars

  • Social-Emotional Support

  • Remote Meeting Facilitation

  • Essential Workers’ Health and Safety

  • Mental Health Counselling

  • HR Critical Thinking Support

  • CSR Change Strategy Facilitation

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Leadership Support

  • Workforce Restructuring

  • Critical Production Target Execution

  • Supply Chain Strategic Opportunity Identification

Resilience against uncertainty will become your greatest asset when leading your workforce through this pandemic.  Making it a priority to provide your organization with the necessary leadership behaviours, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving skills will be a crucial factor for your teams who remain on the front line.  This pandemic has massive impacts on the social and emotional habits of human behaviour, and as fear rises so will stress levels. RJC Global Impact has designed convenient and effective coaching, counselling, and skill development webinars that will become a necessary element in your approach to empowering your organization. 

Build a confident team that rises above the pandemic.


It is predicted that the global impacts of COVID-19 will be with us for the next 18 months and potentially up to two years or more. This calls for  immediate community and employee engagement strategies, revised management operating systems, sustainability assessments, environmental, and health and safety procedures that require immediate execution today for the future of your organization.  To not engage in this way of thinking could lead to major negative implications resulting in a greater impact than the current operational, employee and community issues your organization is dealing with today. 

“In the future, every industry should be an environmental industry.  In a world where energy and carbon emissions are constrained, every business must take resource productivity seriously.” ~David Miligard

“A lot of changes are coming our way. Miners will play an important role in the transition to a low-carbon economy. We are obliged to make sure that when we develop new mines or deposits, we do so in the most responsible ways possible.”  ~Ben Chalmers, Senior Vice President of The Mining Association of Canada.