Develop your leaders to empower your people, the planet and profits

A positive work environment begins with the kind of leadership that will empower teamwork and create a culture that goes beyond the transactional, technical and operational needs of an organization. An underdeveloped leadership team will have a high risk of turn over, negatively impact operations and deplete the morale. At RJC Global Impact we are focused on developing your leaders through our unique methodologies, processes and training programs to have your leaders be accountable and drive sustainability so they can effectively drive what is needed for all stakeholders and the shareholders and transform operational performance and organizational effectiveness.

Bioptrics® An intuitive human performance tool to develop business improvement behaviors that optimize personal performance and operational productivity. Used as a stand-alone capacity-building tool or in conjunction with our individual and group coaching programs. BIOPTRICS is the world’s first digital personal performance tool focused on (KBI) key behavioral indicators that impact (KPI) Key performance indicators and (OKR) objectives and key results.

RJC Global Impact. specializes in multi-level physiological safety training programs. Our proprietary program Whole PersonSafety® is internationally recognized as the key to building trust and ensuring that each worker is trained in their responsibility safety level.

BRIDGE® is a proprietary maturity and gap assessment system that assesses deep into the dimensions and variables that impact human performance. Our assessment process is designed to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and critical risks that impact the leadership, culture, and organizational competency and efficiency within the overall business operations.

Your people are your greatest asset

Investing in the leaders, front liners and your employees is a spending priority. They are your partners in performance and are responsible for organizational change management and the long term sustainable outcomes.  Our leadership training programs and high performance coaching will reinvent your operations to uncover a new competitive edge in delivering superior results faster and smarter. Effective leadership skills builds capability, resilience, stakeholder trust, and can have the organizational culture thrive. Sustainable and profitable mining is only possible when the leadership is united with a plan and are the driving force behind the organizations mission, vision and values.

  • Strategy Workshops

  • Leadership Training

  • High Performance Coaching

  • Capability Building

  • Team Building

  • Gap Assessments

  • Employee Engagement Programs

  • Change Management

  • Resilience Training

  • Social Development


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