Rigo Melchor


Making a change starts at home and I am committed to help those that are around me and that means everywhere in my life. I have been fortunate to work in so many places around the world, and as I travel for work I always get asked this question. “What’s your favourite place?” and I always respond with “It is not the place, it is the people!” Working in mining I have so many opportunities to collectively work with the people and create change together. When you work on projects that make a difference those people become your friends. That is what allows me to have the enjoyment as a consultant who travels so much to have the experience like every place is like home.  I also get asked “what is your job and what do you do?” the simple response is always, “to transfer knowledge.” My whole office is in my head and my backpack. 

I am committed to building the future for every organization I serve, to keep generations of expertise, wisdom and knowledge safe and to build sustainable digital models that are user friendly.  It inspires me to know I am helping people to start making a difference through shared knowledge and expertise. This opens their minds to learn and support each other and with better education and the respect of one another’s cultures we can create a better world for everyone.


Rigo has over 20 years of experience in business technology, digital transformation, consulting services and business development.  He has worked as a consultant in the mining industry, oil industry, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, among others in Latin America, USA, Canada, Russia, Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe/UK markets.  Rigo has a bachelor degree graduated in Finance from Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico and then obtained a Global Executive MBA at IESE Business School in Spain. He has an SAP Master’s degree from La Salle Institute of Barcelona; and Oracle JD Edwards functional implementation certifications.  Rigo utilizes his education through extensive IT system implementations and also supports clients design, customize and implement state of the art maintenance management, supply chain and finance operating systems.