Rosellen Johnson

Founder & President


I was not raised a city girl; I was raised in a small town with a population of three hundred and fifty bordered by an Indigenous community of six hundred in northern Ontario Canada with the nearest town being a six hour drive away. I am one of six siblings with the world’s most amazing and patient parents.  We lived off the natural resources in our own backyard, surrounded by water, where we ate freshly caught fish, hunted deer, moose and partridge, picked wild berries and ate organic before it was even a thing. I remember my first business when my parents had us start our own chicken egg business where we gathered and sold fresh eggs daily.  That is when the spirit of entrepreneurship caught my heart. 

My father taught me to be an entrepreneur.  He built from nothing his own charter airline which later expanded into a larger outpost business. This is where my siblings and I learned our true work ethic with a deep knowing of responsibility, fairness and integrity.  My father taught me to be resourceful, that things do not need to be complicated, simplicity was critical and there really wasn’t a problem or issue that couldn’t be solved, particularly from a first principles approach.  

My mother taught me to lead life with grace.  She was the town nurse and her ability to care for others was and still is heroic.  She always put others before herself and she taught me to be kind and humble. I learned at a young age that everyone mattered. That we are all equal and that equality was to always be the driver in everything I do.  She showed me that being kind to people was as important as being kind to the earth. Today, due to my upbringing, alongside my diverse background from travelling the world, I take pride in developing myself to be the kind of leader that will actually make a difference in my lifetime.  

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to travel, elevate businesses and help people. Today I am honoured to be part of an industry where I get to spearhead social responsibility projects that are making a positive difference for the environment and their surrounding communities. 

My goal now is to tap into this existing experience and knowledge and really create with our clients a vision and executable implementation plan that will not only elevate business performance but will develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the people and all stakeholders.  My team and I are committed to creating a culture where our clients REALLY get the impacts of not operating with integrity. I am proud to say, my team at RJC Global Impact is just like family and was hand selected by me, not only for their diverse expertise, but most of all for their diverse hearts.  I thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you and your organization and look forward to creating a better world for our future generations. 


Rosellen Johnson, Founder and President of RJC Global Impact has over 23 years of international experience servicing the mining industry in over 13 countries around the world.   Her diverse portfolio and educational background as a mechanical engineer, is the engine that drives the success behind every project she leads. Her passion for excellence and sustainability is at the forefront of her solution driven leadership and her effective and transformative operational initiatives. With every project outcome, Rosellen has demonstrated solid performance and is one of the industries top requested consultants and leaders of change.  

Her strong operations background and demonstrated performance in various leadership roles focused on business improvement represents a sound blend of theory and practice in strategy and operations management. Her experience in “hands-on” system implementation allows for a customized deployment solution that delivers sustained results quickly. Rosellen leads a large team of consultants within RJC Global Impact.  Her passion to transform the resource industry and be the leading organization that delivers highly effective solutions that empower sustainability is part of her vision as an integral partner for the global resource industry.  She is committed to elevating social and sustainable impacts through high level standards, processes and empowered leadership that puts people and our planet before profits.