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At RJC Global Impact we believe there is a distinct difference between wanting to be socially responsible and having to be socially responsible.  We are passionate about working with the mining industry to elevate the effectiveness and impact that their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives have.  Our CSR and business innovation team will show the way to go beyond the legal obligations and  transform the culture to implementing voluntary actions that not only address the environmental issues but also improve the living conditions of the local communities through social and economic programs.

CSR in Action

Is your organization investing in the development of policies and programs for workplace safety, diversity, community development, education and support for non-profits? 

Exceed the expectations through socially responsible leadership

The CSR and business innovation team at RJC Global Impact believe social responsibility is the core to both the overall strategy and day-to-day operations for the resource industry.  Our highly trained team of consultants personally invest themselves into every project and lead through a first principles approach partnered with a leadership style that focuses on complex problem solving, critical thinking and emotional and ethical intelligence.

It is essential to ask yourself:  “How will our organization be recognized for the outstanding commitment to social and environmental responsibility?” In today’s world, operating in a transparent and socially responsible manner demonstrates a commitment that is absolutely fundamental to the way the stakeholders will see you do business, and RJC Global Impact has made it our business to have you be at the forefront of solution-driven outcomes for the future generation of mining and your impact on profits, planet and the people.


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